Health, Wellness, and the Collection of Clutter

It’s a bad joke. You know what they say about the garbage business? It’s always picking up! For most people the accumulation of “stuff” that clutters a home or living space is a byproduct of a busy lifestyle and a barrage of commitments for family, friends and colleagues. Typically this accumulation results in items being stored in the never-to-be-seen-again attic, relegated to the basement, or shoved into the garage as time ticks towards guest arrival for an upcoming graduation party or other family milestone.

These things happen, and it’s okay. Everybody does it. Most people have space to store at least some of these ‘extra’ items that many of us think we need at a particular time only to realize we only used once. However, over the course of many years and constantly evolving circumstances these items take up A LOT of room. The two car garage where at least one car used to fit, barely fits the lawn mower. The finished basement that doubled as a kids play area is dimly lit and musty because there is too much stuff down there to change the light bulbs or keep it clean.

As realization becomes apparent, many are left with a feeling of being overwhelmed. We dread the idea of having to deal with the collection of stuff and clutter that has accumulated. These emotions, especially if left to fester, can negatively, and often severely, impact the health and wellness of the individual. Depending on how dire the situation, this can also begin to trickle down to immediate family members and close friends. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many options to begin the removal, disposal, re-purposing, and donation of your unwanted items. Obviously, as represented by Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up, there are professional services which will help tackle this project for a fee. The value of such an organization is straight forward; they have the personnel, container space and networks to get these tasks done quickly and efficiently, requiring very little physical demand from the customer. However, there are also many alternatives.

Depending on your deadline you can coordinate for a large variety of items to be collected by non-profit groups such as Salvation Army, Good Will, local religious charities, or developing nation organizations. For example, many developing nations have local groups which collect and ship clothing, used engines, consumer goods, and many other items overseas free of charge to you.

Likewise, if you have items that you think have value, you may also consider a simple yard sale or hiring a service to perform a house wide sale (often called an estate sale) on your behalf. Platforms such as EBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, and OfferUp also make it very easy for the do-it-yourselfer to advertise valuable items to interested parties cheaply and easily. You do more of the work yourself, but you reap a bigger monetary reward, and the satisfaction of knowing you are closer to minimalist nirvana.

Here is the last step of the declutter/junk removal process. You have eliminated the items which hold value, can be reused, re-purposed, or donated. Likely most of what is left is garbage. If taken to the correct facility, such as a well run transfer station, many of these items may be sorted and recycled further, however from the owner’s perspective the remaining items are junk. What do you do with these remaining items? You can hire a service, however you may also find alternatives. Suggestions include renting an appropriate sized container, scheduling bulk pick up, if provided, by your local government, setting goals to maximize your weekly trash pick up over time, or perhaps transport the items yourself to your local landfill, transfer station, or collection facility.

Getting rid of junk and freeing up space in your home will make you feel better! Your home will be clean, you will think clearly, and the air quality will be better. You don’t want to let unused items sit around and collect dust. Clutter and disorganization breeds despair, restlessness, and irritation. Take your space back and use it. Convert it to space that brings you happiness. Use it to exercise your mind, body, and spirit. Take this newfound space and use it for something you’re passionate about. Wellness is eliminating the anxiety that comes from collecting too much stuff, enjoying the fresh, clean air created by removing dust and exercising the human spirit through whatever medium you deem appropriate.


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