Compassionately Helping Seniors with Clutter

Does anyone look forward to becoming a senior citizen? Certainly there are moments of the time period that many enjoy. These might include, retirement, grandchildren, and rekindling old hobbies or exploring new ones, however most would not mind having their youthfulness back if possible.

In the junk & debris removal business we deal with an array of senior citizens, often in different stages of their lives. Some are simply downsizing to a new, more accessible home, some to assisted living and others perhaps utilizing reverse mortgages due to financial distress from a lack of funds due to a stagnant fixed income.

Regardless of the situation, many of these people have a house full of life-long memories. Oftentimes in the trash removal business you get caught up in the day-to-day operation. Staff simply picks up the junk & debris, throws it into the truck and disposes of it. However, with seniors it is not that simple. Many of these people are attached to the stuff someone else has dubbed junk or debris. For Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up it is important to our company culture to ensure these customers are treated with fairness and respect, even if they are not the person paying the bill.

These situations can be touchy. Oftentimes the senior residing in the home does not want the items removed. Paperwork they need to go through, furniture they have grown attached to or even shabby items they have visions of repairing are painful to watch simply strewn in the back of a removal truck. While the process of removing this debris is necessary and inevitable you can actively work to make it easier for everyone involved.

At Barten Bros. we work diligently to build a bond with the seniors we work with. We save certain items to be loaded last, try to involve the individual in the process, and even provide a certain level of comedy to our already friendly demeanor. Respect is also paramount. Many of these people now considered ‘seniors’ held positions such as nurses, doctors, volunteer firefighters, emergency response personnel, WWII & Vietnam veterans. To some degree they all led our country and communities through some of the toughest time periods on record.

Compassion goes a long way. No one wants to see their loved ones or their customers upset, unfortunately it can happen way too easily and way too often. In closing, it is important to remember that all of us will be in this situation eventually. Perhaps all of our businesses can benefit, on occasion, from relaxing our focus on efficiency and effectiveness and focus instead on kindheartedness and quality of life.


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