Site Work


At Barten Bros. our team of professionals pride themselves on experience, timeliness of work, and safety. Our team provides a range of services to include structural demolition, digging, spreading and re-grading services.


Re-grading is often not only the simplest and most inexpensive answer to standing or pooling water problems, but also the correct answer. Re-grading is simply the process of moving, adding or removing earth from around your property to make rain run-off or melting snow flow away from your home or structure to an area of the property which is most convenient for the owner. Property owners may notice water standing or pooling near their foundation or around downspouts coming from the gutter system after a rainfall or melting run off. If the ground is back-pitched towards the house, or merely not graded to move water away from the house, these types of situations can lead to structural damage or unsightly pools of water negatively affecting both your home and/or outdoor space.


Barten Bros., with headquarters on the New Jersey Shore, makes drainage a particularly important aspect of home building and home improvement in our area. High water tables, sandy soil bases and active seasons make in-ground drainage and recharge pits important to keeping your home and outdoor space well maintained. Often, even with good grading, water pooling can persist, potentially damaging structural aspects of a person’s property or simply creating long lasting pools of water which interfere with appearance of the outdoor space, grass-growth or usability for family, friends or pets.

Barten Bros. has a team of installers who are experienced and insightful as to how to properly install French drains, SDR 35, perforated ADS pipe, and various geotextiles to protect water flow and prevent weed growth.

Stone & Gravel Spreading

Spreading stone or gravel can be a daunting task. Often, such work requires both some pre-installation prep work and the use of heavy equipment. Simply spreading pea-gravel or sea stone over a ¼ acre property can require in excess of 50 tons of material. The Barten Bros. team takes an overarching approach to installing stone and gravel, considering the need for geotextile, the height and location of driveways, sidewalks and patios, grade of the property and relationships to property lines to ensure the material is spread properly allowing for water flow and absorption, maintenance, and curb appeal.

Invasive Species Removal

Bamboo and Japanese Knotweed are two of the most prominent invasive plant species found on the New Jersey Shore. While both require substantial remediation to alleviate the problem, they have distinct differences which affects the methodology of removal. To properly remediate these species, you must be aware of their individual characteristics. In both cases, you must ensure the removal of the root system and be conscientious of the potential for transplantation. Again, Barten Bros. offers the experience and expertise to remediate a property and provide the opportunity to grow and maintain a traditional outdoor space.