Eviction Clean Out

Rental or Investment properties can be a great passive revenue source for many, but it can also be a stream of constant headaches.

As with many choices in life, choosing the correct tenant can be a difficult task. There is usually a lot of information asymmetry and everyone one has different values regarding how you treat people and their property. While we don’t wish it on anyone, our teams at Barten Bros Junk & Clean Up have completed many junk removal projects and many involving eviction clean outs.

Our teams of uniformed, friendly, professionals understand the need to get the property back on the market and start generating revenue. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure the clean out is done completely and within the schedule you require. Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up specializes in providing ample manpower, trucks, and tools to get the job done within hours.

Our teams don’t do just junk removal. They also have the experience and the ability to rip up old carpet, remove smelly refrigerators, or smokey drapery should those services be required. Our goal is to assist you, the landlord, property manager, or property owner, to get the property emptied and back onto the path of generating revenue rather than costing money.

Call today and speak with one of our eviction clean out specialists.